About Us

We fight for harassed consumers to stop illegal debt collectors by enforcing federal and state consumer protection rights under laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Federal and State laws exist to help consumers fight against illegal pressure, harassment and abuse from debt collectors (and sometimes from original creditors as well). “Letsbelegal” was started to provide needed legal representation in Delaware to enforce these consumer rights. 

“Letsbelegal” is a Delaware law office. It is very important to note that, in Delaware , especially if you have a Delaware case, you must be represented by a Delaware attorney with a “brick and mortar” office in Delaware (not a virtual office). Starting “Letsbelegal” was a matter of helping the Delaware public.

We represent you against the abusive debt collectors and collection agencies.  We advise all of our clients on strategies to achieve the best outcomes by considering both settlement and trial. This means settlement or trial of your claim against the debt collector or collection agency for their illegal behavior.  If I file suit on your behalf, you are the plaintiff.  You are suing the collector.  You are the good guy. 

We are licensed in all State and Federal District Courts in Delaware and New Jersey.